PDF Fix Toolbox

Tool to fix the broken *.pdf file with Adobe Acrobat/Adobe PDF Reader document

Adobe PDF Fix Broken

PDF Fix Toolbox repairs not accessible PDF files of Adobe Acrobat format. The utility reads corrupted PDF files and restores the data into a new file. This application can successfully read and restore the structure of damaged PDF files of all Adobe Acrobat versions. PDF Fix Toolbox uses a variety of broken pdf file fix algorithms providing the highest performance of data recovery.

The pdf fix tool finds and recovers unconnected pages in the broken file beyond question, the damaged pdf fix software scans pages for media objects connectivities, not available in the input document due to the corruption or removal for any reason. Thanks to the usage of its powerful PDF recovery engine, the utility of Adobe pdf fix broken recovers known bugs of PDF file editors. PDF Fix Toolbox supports the export of recovered data to compressed and uncompressed PDF files.

This way of online pdf fix can be initiated on virtually any PC without the usage of external Adobe Acrobat recovery services, please move to the first stage of damaged pdf fix program and prepare to start the analysis of PDF files. For this purpose, you should install PDF Fix Toolbox on your PC or any other computer in the network.

PDF Fix Tool

Note: Freeware version of PDF Fix Toolbox is distributed without additional restrictions, but you should donate to the Fixtoolbox.com community and start repairing PDF files without additional limitations. Unlike open source programs and freeware tools, Fixtoolbox.com issues its data recovery tools under its own proprietary license, not GNU General Public License (GPL) or similar one.
  • Our software do not recover password protected PDF files;
  • Our tool do not repair encrypted PDF files.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above


Step I

Selection of a damaged file to be recovered.

Step II

Selection of the name of the output *.pdf file.

Step III

Selection of the version of the output *.pdf file.

Step IV

Revision of the recovery log.