Excel Fix Toolbox

Tool to fix the broken *.xls, *.xlsx, *.xlt, *.xlstx, *.xlm, *.xlmx files with Microsoft Excel worksheets

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Excel Fix Toolbox is developed for the recovery of corrupted *.xls, *,xlt, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xltm, *.xltx and *.xlam files supported by Microsoft Excel. Repaired data is exported to the Microsoft Excel application directly or saved into a clean XLSX file. The usage of heuristic data recovery algorithms the contents of Microsoft Excel documents can be recovered in all instances of workbook corruption.

This way of Microsoft Excel file fix provides the recovery of MS Excel 95, MS Excel 98, MS Excel 2000, MS Excel XP, MS Excel 2003, MS Excel 2007, MS Excel 2010 and MS Excel 2013 files. The Excel 2007 fix corrupt file application recovers the data from cells and repairs all types of formulas, including functions. Excel Fix Toolbox recovers internal, external and other links, the corrupt Excel 2007 file fix utility recovers the formatting of cells (font, number format, line style, fill pattern, text orientation an alignment).

The Microsoft Excel fix files application recovers table styles, cell number formats (excluding colors, used in number formats), worksheets, column width, line height, cell color and cell border color. Excel Fix Toolbox provides the heuristic file search engine, developed by our company and allows exporting the data to Microsoft Excel directly. The service of Excel corrupt file fix provides an easy and intuitive user interface and guarantees the compatibility with Windows 98, NT 4.0, 2000, Me, XP, Vista and Windows 7/8/8.1/10. Keep in mind that you should not have the Microsoft Excel application for download Excel fix tool.

If .xls or .xlsx file was corrupted on local computer then you can extract data from it with help of Excel Fix Toolbox.

Microsoft Excel File Fix

Note: Please bear in mind that Excel Fix Toolbox is not Freeware and it is not open source software. The soft do not require donate and do not have GNU General Public License (GPL) or GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Excel Fix Toolbox is not open source software or a freeware tool.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above


Step I

Selecting a damaged Microsoft Excel worksheet.

Step II

Viewing the information you have recovered.

Step III

Exporting the recovered information to Microsoft Excel.

Step IV

Viewing the exported information.